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Build a Better Sand Castle

Have you ever wondered how come your sand castles just don’t stand up like the Pros? Take a lesson from a Sand Castle Professional in Long Beach!

They can show you everything you always wanted to know on making a castle that stands tall and looks impressive.

“I’m always amazed at the number of families that take a lesson, and then go out and win the family category at a contest. Almost anyone with a little technique and some tools can make an impressive sand castle”

– Bert Adams, Professional Sand Sculptor

Schedule a Lesson?

Lessons are generally scheduled for the mornings (Before noon). It’s possible that we could have a lesson for you at other times, please request the time you’d most prefer, and we’ll see if we can accommodate that time.


2-hour lessons
All equipment is provided
$120: up to 6 people
$150: up to 10 people

Where to meet?

Lessons will either be at the Sand Buskers site in Fish Alley off SW 2nd St. SW and Pacific Avenue, downtown, (between Stormin’ Norman’s and Wind World Kites) or on the corner of Sid Snyder Drive and Pacific Avenue, across the street from the Bank of the Pacific. We’ll contact you and tell you where to meet.

Click any map pin for more information about the location.