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What time & where can we register?

Registration will take place online (now!) and at the Long Beach “Arches” trailer on Bolstad beach approach from Wednesday July 18th – 20th. Last call is 5:00 pm on the 20th at the trailer.

What should we bring?

Tools for building are as varied as the teams that bring them. Here is a suggested tool list to get you started. In addition, bring layers of clothes, sunscreen, hats, sunglasses, towels, and snacks to keep you charged throughout the build. Hot dogs, water, and sodas are available on the beach; look for the large tent run by our local Kiwanis club.

Where can we park?

There is public free parking in downtown Long Beach, on the Bolstad Beach approach and near the beach (access is on Ocean Beach Boulevard at 4th South.

Is the event free?

The event is free of charge for those attending the contest on Saturday. Come view solo artists designing their sand creations along the beach approach starting Wednesday morning through completion Friday. Also Free Sculpting Lessons! If you want to participate, there is a registration fee (only $12 for a family!).

Can we use additional materials/accessories to build our sculptures?

Decorations such as pennants, toy soldiers or ornaments complimentary to the design may be used but should not detract from design, camouflage, or in any way support the structure.

How are the sculptures judged?

Judging is based on: Effort, Design, Intricacy, Creativity, Teamwork, Overall appearance, Suitability to sand.

What are the prizes?

Masters and Intermediate teams vie for CASH prizes. Local merchants provide prizes for the Novice and Family team categories.  More

I want to volunteer next year!

We’re glad to hear it! This event is a lot of fun to work on. Leave your information at the Sandsations Trailer during the event, else zap us a note.