Celebrate Sandsations 30th Anniversary July 16-20, 2014!


City Sandsations: Wednesday- Friday

Join us downtown on Third Street to watch professional artists bring beautiful sculptures to life right there on the pavement! Working in an environment where they aren’t dependent on the tide and time isn’t an obstacle, the sculptors are able to demonstrate tier skills while answering questions and offering tips/ tricks.


 Competition Kick-Off: All Day Friday

Want to participate, but don’t really know how to? Enjoy FREE sculpting lessons down on the beach Friday afternoon. Followed by Beach Bonfire and complimentary s’mores.NEW THIS YEAR! Check out the Master Sculptors in Ilwaco! Wednesday through Friday 10am-6pm, Down at The Ilwaco Marina.Sandsations Competition: Saturday

Sandsations Competition: Saturday

Meet us down in the sand on Bolstad Approach for fun and friendly competition. There are entry levels for all categories, from children to professionals. So, Join in the fun! Six hours of sculpting followed by a Prize ceremony. Don’t miss out! (Check back in later for a sneak peek at this year’s killer prizes)





*Please note that Sandsations weekend is chosen, by the team of volunteers who put on this award-winning event, based on the best tides for building.  Unfortunately, tide tables can’t account for storm surges or other acts of nature. Therefore, all times are approximate and subject to change. Check in at the Sandsations Trailer on the beach for details.